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The main type of our activity is the supply of solid fuel boilers in Ukraine. Thanks to the qualified approach and high quality products, we have found regular customers in all regions of Ukraine. We offer the largest range of solid fuel boilers, household and industrial group, ranging from 7 to 630 kW in different versions.

Our activity is driven by alternative energy sources. Heiztechnik - one of the leading manufacturers of solid fuel boilers in Poland. Through analysis of the needs of the market and syhmentu the latest developments, we managed to combine a reasonable price and high quality standards of our products.

Significant gas price hike and improvement of structures renewed interest in the forgotten type of heating equipment - boilers for solid fuels. Today the efficiency of solid fuel boilers approached the level of gas boilers, temperature control equipment has a corresponding security. Operation and maintenance of solid fuel boilers are simple and accessible to the public.

Solid fuel boiler can be used as an independent source of heat or as a backup.

Boilers for solid fuels, Polish manufacturer Heiztechnik, can solve the problem of heating and hot water supply enterprises, public institutions and residential buildings. This modern equipment, with the largest product range and power range. Today there are many varieties of solid fuel boilers and different principles of operation. Some is direct burning as usual brick oven, the other - the fuel smolders and burns the very gas that is released when burning wood. They are also called pyrolysis or gas generator. Our products include conventional boilers to burning, but secondary system post-combustion gases. What is the secondary system? When released fuel combustion gas partially burns and gives heat and partly by lack of oxygen sent to the chimney. The design of the boiler Heiztechnik provided additional air nozzles for feeding the hot oxygen in the upper chamber furnaces, afterburning particles that provide a superior gas and the heat. This design is closest to the principle of pyrolysis boilers.

To inconvenience pyrolysis boilers include the need for power, higher compared to traditional solid fuel boilers specific price and burning fuel is dry wood with a maximum moisture content of 20%. Our products features a large variety of fuels that can be used in the boiler combustion, ie coal, lignite, wood, wood chips, wood chips, extruded pellets, peat, pellets, straw. An important component of solid fuel boilers is a heat exchanger. Heat Exchanger - a device in which the heat exchange between two or more coolant. The design of the heat exchanger in boilers Heiztechnik, designed as horizontal columns are not interconnected and water mantle around the furnace. This structure exchanger enables effectively take away the heat from the fire and creates turbulence and reducing the rate of gas that slows their access to the chimney and allows the maximum use of thermal energy. Due to the design of the boiler, achieved high efficiency up to 90% (depending on the type and quality of fuel), which enables the efficient use and long life of the boiler, which occurs in the absence of internal corrosion, with high-tech manufacturing process and materials used.

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